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Ritam Bhara Pragya
Maharishi explained that when awareness is permanently established in pure consciousness, only the truth will dawn in one’s consciousness. ‘This state of consciousness is called Ritam bhara pragya, ‘that intelligence which knows only the truth,’ he said.   The advantage of gaining this level of Ritam bhara pragya is that simply by thought one can cognize the object one wants to cognize and can influence it in order to derive maximum value from it.   ‘The form of any object is contained within the name,’ Maharishi explained. ‘The name has all the impulses that are present in the form. This correspondence between name and form is found in the words of the Veda. ‘The Veda is the cognition of the truths of Nature, including all relative values and the absolute value. The Veda is cognized by that level of consciousness which accepts only the truth—Ritam bhara pragya.’   During the practice of Transcendental Meditation, as the awareness goes from the gross thinking level to finer thinking levels and then to the transcendent, the experience of Ritam bhara pragya can occur on the finest thinking level, very close to the transcendent.   ‘In this experience one feels "I know everything,"' Maharishi said. ‘As the practice advances the experience of Ritam bhara pragya becomes permanently established.   ‘When one’s awareness is established on this level it is possible to produce specific impulses, or sounds, in order to produce any desired influence on an object. This level of consciousness has control over the whole field of objectivity. By developing this ability to produce effects in creation according to one’s desire, one gains mastery over Nature.’ --Maharishi, First International Symposium on the Science of Creative Intelligence on 26 July 1971, at Amherst, in Massachusetts, United States
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