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Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems Program
A Modern Application of an Ancient Healing Art   Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems program is a profound and effective new treatment modality of the Maharishi Ayurveda program, based on the ancient traditional knowledge of the healing properties of gemstones. The program has already brought health benefits and greater vitality to thousands of people throughout the world—and in Europe it is even covered by Swiss Health Insurance.   Light therapy is in widespread use at U.S. hospitals and clinics as an accepted treatment for many mood and sleep disorders, including depression and seasonal affective disorder, and for specific skin diseases. But unlike standard light therapy, the Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems program works at a much more profound level of the mind-body interface.   The Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems program creates a gently nourishing influence on the finer aspects of physiological functioning associated with the body’s nerve centers, enlivening and strengthening the body’s innate intelligence. The treatments bathe the body with soft coherent light that has been passed through select, high-quality gemstones, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, and yellow sapphires. The specific molecular composition and orderly crystalline structure of these gemstones endow them with balancing and healing effects, according to the time-honored wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. When suitable light shines through a gem, its molecular characteristics and healing properties get imprinted in the specific frequencies (spectrum) of the transmitted light, and then transferred to the body—enlivening the body’s innate intelligence and restoring balance and health to the physiology.   The treatments are non-invasive, deeply relaxing and enjoyable, and can produce blissful, transcendental experiences. Experts in the Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems program will soon be visiting your local Transcendental Meditation Center. To schedule a treatment, email
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