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Auspicious Starting Time (Muhurta)
Muhurta is the Maharishi Jyotish service that deals with the selection of favorable moments for undertaking a new activity.   For example, a Muhurta may be requested for events such as marriage; scheduling surgery; the start of an important or long journey; the beginning of a new business partnership or venture; starting a new job; buying or selling property or a vehicle; constructing a building; occupying a new home or office building, etc. The place of the event must be known.   “Well begun is half done” is a wise adage. If you are planning an important event, naturally you would like to start at a moment that is in tune with the Laws of Nature, supporting success for that event.   The Maharishi Jyotish Pandits will examine the general time period which you provide and identify the most favorable date and time for your undertaking.   For example, this knowledge would allow you to commence a business venture at a favorable time to bring more profit; hold a wedding at the right time to promote a more harmonious and happy marriage; or move into a house at the moment when the Laws of Nature are supportive to help increase peace, happiness, and prosperity for all who will live in the new home.
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