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Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy
Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy   The profound and authentic Ayurvedic treatments of Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy revitalize the physiology and help to prevent disease by removing impurities and awakening the body's natural healing mechanisms.   Maharishi Ayurveda® emphasizes periodic cleansing as a way to restore balance to mind and body. Although the body has an effective system for filtration of impurities, toxins can sometimes build up too rapidly for the body to cope. Also, after the age of forty, the body's ability to purify itself becomes weaker. How you detoxify is very important.   Fasting and harsh cleansing can aggravate the body and cause problems. From the Ayurvedic perspective, cleansing should be gentle and balanced.   The Ayurvedic path to purity is called Panchakarma or Rejuvenation Therapy. Panchakarma refers to a range of cleansing therapies that includes special massages and steam baths. Performed under the active personal care of an Ayurvedic physician, these luxurious treatments extend over a period of several days and are designed to flush out toxins from the body and nourish and balance the system, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, renewed.   Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centres® offer a full range of programmes prescribed by medical doctors and individually tailored to restore balance to the mind and body. A one-week package is recommended for first-time guests. Longer stays are available for those seeking enhanced detoxification and relief from chronic disorders.   These advanced programmes help dissolve impurities and stresses at even deeper tissue levels, including the nervous system and vital organs. All treatments are overseen by medical doctors and consulting Maharishi Ayurvedic physicians (Vaidyas) from India.   -- See
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Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health(SM)
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HRD Basti
Karna Purana
Kati Basti
Liver Basti
Netra Tarpana
Pinda Swedana
Shiro Picchu
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