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Maharishi Vedic Medicine
A Timeless Approach to Health that is Fulfilling the Need of Our Time   Maharishi Vedic Medicine is the timeless, Vedic approach to health, brought to light by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in conjunction with both the foremost experts in ayurvedic medicine as well as experts in modern medicine. Maharishi Vedic Medicine includes treatment modalities to bring mind, body, and behaviour in tune with Natural Law, for the natural prevention of disease and the promotion of longevity and perfect health. It has been validated by hundreds of scientific studies conducted in universities and research institutes around the world.   Maharishi Vedic Medicine fulfils the urgent need for a natural, holistic health care system that is free from negative side effects. It takes into account all factors that influence health, many of which are usually not considered by modern medicine.   -- See
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