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Optimized Brain Functioning
CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED EDUCATION FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT   The brainís development and functioning are influenced by experience. Neuroscience research findings also suggests that the type of experience most valuable for brain development after childhood is experience which fosters greater integration of brain functioning.   Research also indicates that the experiences gained through the prevailing educational approach activate specific areas of the brain without fostering more integrated functioning of the brain as a whole. Such education, due to its exclusively segmented approach to knowledge, actually prevents the total development of brain functioning.   The Global Country of World Peace offers Consciousness-Based education that has been shown through decades of research to promote holistic brain functioning and the expansion of mental capabilities.   On this basis educational outcomes are enhanced, stress and antisocial behavior reduced, creativity and intelligence increased, and the inner happiness of students and teachers of all cultural and educational background is spontaneously unfolded.   Consciousness-Based education adds study and research in consciousness to the traditional study of the academic disciplines, and includes the twice-daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, to directly develop full use of the brainís potential in higher states of consciousness.   -- See
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