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John Hagelin
World-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, proponent of peace, and scientist of consciousness, John Hagelin is professor of physics at Maharishi International University.   He helped develop a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the superstring. For this work he was named winner of the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognizes scientists who have made “major contributions to society through their applied research in the fields of science and technology.” The award recognized Dr. Hagelin as “a scientist in the tradition of Einstein, Jeans, Bohr and Eddington.”   He has helped bring the Transcendental Meditation technique to hundreds of thousands of at-risk children and adults — from inner-city school children to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress to prisoners to active-duty servicemen and woman. He has significantly increased public awareness of the benefits of the TM technique for addressing critical problems in crime, education, and more.   As a leading proponent of world peace, Dr. Hagelin:   is Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, a leading science and technology think tank is International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, an organization of leading scientists throughout the world dedicated to ending nuclear proliferation and establishing lasting world peace has shown that large meditating groups can effectively defuse acute societal stress — thereby preventing violence and social conflict and providing a practical foundation for permanent world peace. For the last quarter century, Dr. Hagelin has investigated the nature and origin of consciousness, including higher states of human consciousness, and has spoken on this topic and major national and international conferences. —See more at
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Hagelin, John
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