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Physiology and Health
In response to this urgent need, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the noted scientist of consciousness and scholar of the Vedic tradition, has brought forth a new approach to health from the ancient Vedic tradition of knowledge. This approach traces all disease and disorder to a single underlying cause—losing connection with the body’s inner intelligence, which gives rise to imbalance in mind or body. As imbalance grows, it expresses itself as sickness and disease. The most effective way to restore balance and health, therefore, is to enliven nature’s intelligence within the body. This creates the ideal state of balance and integration that produces perfect health.   Each feature of Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based approach to health—technologies of consciousness, diet, herbal preparations, daily and seasonal routines—serves to enliven the total intelligence of natural law within the physiology and thereby integrate and balance all aspects of mind and body.   Perfect health can be achieved, but only through a holistic approach that takes care of all values that constitute health—only through the knowledge of the total range of nature’s perfect intelligence and how to awaken it. —See   The Physiology and Health department at Maharishi International University offers undergraduate and graduate level degrees that prepare the next generation of alternative wellness practitioners for careers as wellness consultants, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and more. —See
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