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The Raam
The Raam, the Global Development Currency to Permanently Eliminate Poverty   The Poverty Removal Program has been developed to eliminate poverty and economic difficulties through national projects supported by a new development currency, the Raam.On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, October 26, 2001, the Day of Victory according to the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi Global Financing, The Netherlands, issued the RAAM, the Global Development Currency of the Global Country of World Peace.   The RAAM will be made available to all the cities and countries of the world where it is welcome as a currency, in conformity with all the applicable rules and regulations of those countries.   Agreements have recently been made, for instance, with a farmers’ association in South America and with traditional leaders in Africa to start using the RAAM as the Farmers’ Currency for agricultural development projects. The RAAM will act as a catalyst in the field of economy, enabling the development projects to start, and transforming itself into hard currency after the export of the crops. —See
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