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Science and Technology of Consciousness
Foundational Courses for the Bachelor's Degree   Science and Technology of Consciousness Following instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique, this is the first course every new undergraduate student takes at the University. This course introduces student to three fundamental sources of knowledge that can be used together to evaluate any idea: personal experience, scientific reasoning, and traditional wisdom. On the basis of evidence from all three sources, a new consciousness-based framework is introduced that introduces new ways of viewing the world and new approaches to meeting its challenges.   If students already practice Transcendental Meditation, this course includes a review of the principles and mechanics of the practice, based on their experience and questions. As part of this course, students participate in a 3-4 day base camp that focuses on team building, group processes, and leadership skills. —See   In the MIU MS in Computer Science curriculum, students study the Science and Technology of Consciousness for Computer Professionals:   Your first course is specifically designed to establish the basis of how you can become a top performing computer science professional. The course is rooted in the practice of Transcendental Meditation which leads to fulfillment of your true potential. You will learn about the benefits of TM including the ability to solve complex problems by superior mental functioning enhancing creativity and “out of the box” thinking. The course will focus upon the principles which underpin peak performance in activity by developing an optimal mix of rest and activity. You will develop and experience an ideal daily routine which supports success in life. (2 units) —See                             Additional MSCS Courses
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