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Maharishi Vastu Alliance (MVA)
March 26, 2020, MVRI launched Maharishi Vastu Alliance (MVA) a new entity with a mission to design, plan, build and research Maharishi Vastu Architecture, the holistic Vedic approach to design—connecting individual life with cosmic life, individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence.   Maharishi Vastu Alliance (MVA) acknowledge the design and environmental challenges of the times, including the impact of human activity on the planet—our congested, polluted cities and unsustainable living. MVA brings together experienced architects, planners, designers and Vastu experts passionate about creating places of beauty, balance, peace and wellbeing.   “Maha” means “great”; “Rishi” means “knower” or “seer” and this designator, “Maharishi”, identifies this unique approach to Vastu. Based on complete Vedic knowledge, it is holistic architecture and planning in accord with nature’s design. Through the knowledge of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda and Maharishi Vastu—the science and technology of establishing life in accord with natural law in a life- supporting environment—MVA has a compassionate, practical mission: to promote and research resilient, green, pollution-free, healthy places for people to live and work, in an architecture for happiness, knowledge and enlightenment.   MVA’s vision is to bring together a global alliance of concerned designers, architects, city planners, urban designers, researchers, artists and engineers, dedicated to design that seeks to foster creative, vital, peace-loving, healthy communities. MVA aims to explore programs and research initiatives, and to promote, design and plan the construction of developments—including stand-alone buildings, villages, cities, urban environments, parks, gardens, nuanced spaces and connections—to establish resilient and sustainable habitat. This means creating sites that align individual intelligence with Cosmic intelligence, individual life with Cosmic life. See
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