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Maharishi Absolute Theory of Government
Automation in Administration: 'My Philosophy of Government locates the Absolute Government, supreme Government, at the unmanifest basis of creation, where the field of pure intelligence, the Absolute, fully awake in its pure singularity, ever remaining self-referral, administers itself through the Principle of Least Action.   'Absolute administration, perfect administration, is the phenomenon of self-interaction, where the Self administers itself.   'The state of least action is at the basis of perfect administration. It is clear that absolute administration, perfect administration, is not the phenomenon of action, it is the phenomenon of least action. If it is action, it is self-interaction—Self interacting with itself—Self administering itself. Self-Rule is the reality of absolute administration; it is the ideal of administration.   'In order for any administration to be perfect, it has to spontaneously maintain connectedness with the absolute administration of the universe; in order for the administration of every country to be perfect, it has to spontaneously maintain connectedness with the total potential of Natural Law, the Administering Intelligence of the universe—Purushottam; that means Purushottam has to be lively in national consciousness so that whatever impulse for action arises, whatever impulse of thought for action arises in national consciousness it is spontaneously nourished by the supreme intelligence—Purushottam—the self-referral level of consciousness—the Atma level of intelligence—the Being level of existence.' —Maharishi, Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government (565-page publication)
Broader Term
Alliance of National Law with Natural Law
Automation in Administration
Principle of Least Action
Narrower Term
Government--Innocent Mirror of a Nation
Group for a Government
Maharishi Peace Governments
Related Term
Vedic Administration
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