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Maharishi School
Welcome to Maharishi School, one of America’s most unique and progressive schools. What began in 1981 as a single innovative school is now the model for a special kind of holistic education around the world.   At Maharishi School, the foundation of our college preparatory program is optimal alertness. You could have the most ideal school imaginable—best teachers, best facilities, best curriculum, and technology—but if students enter the classroom stressed, fatigued, or distracted, how much can be gained?   What if there was a way to optimize students’ alertness? Every aspect of school life would be enhanced: assimilating and retaining knowledge, social and emotional development, physical health and well-being.   That is why at Maharishi School we invest in rest—of a special kind. Our students and teachers take time to transcend twice a day, with the practice of yoga and Transcendental Meditation. This allows them to gain deep rest and dissolve stress before it accumulates. It improves brain functioning. In a world of nearly incessant outer stimuli, it gives them a respite of inner silence, a connection with their own individual true self. —
Used For
Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
Broader Term
Consciousness-Based(SM) Education Institutions
Related Term
Consciousness-Based(SM) Education
Maharishi Free School (Lancashire, United Kingdom)
Maharishi School (Victoria, Australia)
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