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"Through centuries of observing both cosmic and human behavior, ancient ayurvedic healers defined three basic gunas or qualities that influence everything that happens in the macrocosm of the universe or the microcosm of our minds. It's the quantity of these three gunas Sattva, Rajas and Tamas that ayurvedic healers believed can create or destroy harmony in our lives:   "Tamas supplies us with the ability to finish or complete what was generated by Sattva and Rajas. In the context of the Universe, Tamas stands for destruction. While some may see Tamas as a negative guna, ayurvedic philosophy says Tamas has its own role in the scheme of things. It weans us from the old and the lifeless, urging us to move on and invest in that which is still alive."   -- See more at:
Broader Term
Three Gunas
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Rajas (Maintenance operator)
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