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The original motto of Maharishi International University was, 'Knowledge is structured in consciousness.' It was Maharishi's view that the process of education takes place in the field of consciousness: “Complete education, or absolute education, is not a process of knowing anything else; it is in fact returning from anything else to know oneself.”   Consciousness-Based education begins with transcendence and self-discovery. It gives the student the tools to begin to answer the big questions in life. Who am I? What is the meaning of life? How can I find fulfillment?   Knowledge, such as that presented in an academic discipline, is inextricably connected with the consciousness of the knower. Each pertains to the other. The togetherness of the knower, process of knowing and the known allow knowledge to flow in the waves of conscious experience. The ability to synthesize and comprehend the objective field of the known is dependent on the subjective field of the knower. An object of knowledge remains the same.   What evolves is the consciousness of the knower and the active process of knowing. In this context, Maharishi University of Management advocates the unfolding of knowledge in two parallel streams – one on the level of consciousness and one on the level of intellectual understanding. The result is that knowledge is gained from inside and outside. —Rod Eason, PhD, Maharishi International University
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