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Constitution of the Universe
'The managing intelligence of Nature. According to Physics all the qualities in the universe have their origin in the Unified Field of Natural Law, which we take to be the Constitution of the Universe from the perspective of modern science. The complete account of the Constitution of the Universe is available in the ancient and timeless Vedic Literature. Throughout time, the eternal Constitution of the Universe has been managing the orderly evolution of all levels of manifest creation; it is the non-changing basis of Natural Law葉he ultimate source of order and harmony displayed throughout the universe.'   --Maharishi   選n the Cosmic Constitution葉he Constitution of the Universe葉he knowledge of the unmanifest and the knowledge of the manifest, both are together, together, together. It is easier to be together in Total Knowledge rather than to be a part of knowledge容ither of the relative or of the absolute, either of the changing world or of the non-changing world.   --Maharishi   ' Rk Veda is Natural Law in its most compact form. Maharishi calls Rk Veda the Constitution of the Universe because, just as the constitution of a nation expresses the basic value of national law, so Rk Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, expresses the most basic value of Natural Law.   'Maharishi explains the sequential emergence of all of Veda and Vedic Literature from the self-interacting process of consciousness knowing itself. From Rk Veda sequentially emerge Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda, the wholeness of Rk Veda seen from the viewpoint of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1994, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Maharishi Vedic University: Introduction. Holland: Maharishi Vedic University Press. p. 327).'   --Nina Meade, Research Proposal for the Doctoral Program in Maharishi Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Management: Reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit, 2001.   LAW is the science and art of maintaining order for a mistake-free, fulfilling life. The ideal of law is the eternally lively field of Cosmic Law, the Constitution of the Universe, which maintains order on the supreme level of existence and is equally evolutionary for everyone at all times. The field of the total knowledge of law is founded in the Constitution of the Universe葉he field of the science and technology of total Natural Law葉he Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.
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