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'HEALTH care is the science and art of realizing perfect health. The ideal of perfect health is realized by handling health from the level from which it emerges in the field of immortality. Enlivening the transcendental, unmanifest field of immortality at the basis of existence spontaneously nourishes and integrates all levels of life. This is the field of the total knowledge of health, located in the field of the science and technology of total Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.'   ‘Health through a Vedic expression is Swastha: the subject of health—Swa means Atma [the Self], and Stha means established. So Swastha means, ‘Healthy is he who is established in Atma [the Self]’. This is the definition of health and healthy.’ —Maharishi, 9 February 2006, MERU, Holland, Global Press Conference   ----   “The centuries-old medicine-predominated approach to health has failed to eliminate sickness and suffering; this is because medicine alone is too superficial to influence all the innumerable values that constitute the structure of life and its evolution.   “Only a holistic approach that takes into consideration all aspects of mind and body together can be successful in handling health.” —Maharishi   In Ayurveda one is in good health when our inner and internal environment is in balance:   The Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha (vital humors) are in balance. Agni (the digestive fire) is balanced. Dhatus (the 7 body tissues) are functioning normally Mala (the waste products) are produced and eliminated normally. The Mana, Indriya and Atma (mind, senses and consciousness) are working in blissful harmony.   -- From
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