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Maharishi Vedic Management
Maharishi's Master Management—Vedic Management—is the supreme system of management. It introduces the organizing power of Natural Law into the fabrics of every area of management.   'Maharishi University of Management has a "Department of Solutions" for handling problems of management. Our speciality is in introducing Natural Law in the field of management.   'Any management (any company or any government) that is facing any kind of problem today can be turned around to enjoy success tomorrow. It depends upon the speed of their response. From our side we are ready to eliminate problems and produce the desired results in a minimum amount of time for any government or any industry or any company.   'We want to emphasize that in this scientific age there is nothing that cannot be achieved through the support of Natural Law—nothing is impossible if one takes recourse to the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Quantum Field of Natural Law, where WHOLENESS is on the move at all times.'   — Maharishi, Maharishi University of Management—Wholeness on the Move (352-page publication)   Maharishi's Corporate Development Programme   The key to success in today's world is innovation and creativity. Practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme enlivens Transcendental Consciousness, the field of pure Creative Intelligence, thereby bringing about growth of creativity.   Corporations that have implemented Maharishi's Vedic Management, which features Transcendental Meditation, experience that developing the consciousness of their employees results in decreased stress, improved health, better relations, improved job performance and job satisfaction, and increased sales and profitability.   -- See
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