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Total Potential of Natural Law
'Maharishi describes Being—self-referral consciousness—as the total potential of Natural Law, for it is the source of each of the infinite number of Laws of Nature that manage every aspect of life: “All the laws governing different fields of excitation in Nature, all the innumerable laws known to all the sciences have their common source in this field of absolute organizing power” (p. 75). The discovery of self-referral consciousness as the total potential of Natural Law has immense practical import, for it is not only the source of the vast material universe, but also of individual creativity and intelligence. And significantly, as Maharishi explains, it can be accessed through the Transcendental Meditation® program.'   -- 'Maharishi’s Program of Reading the Vedic Literature: Unfolding the Total Potential of Natural Law' by William F. Sands, Modern Science and Vedic Science, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 95.
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