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Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field
'The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field has been introduced by Maharishi as an effective means for opening the unified field to all as a direct experience. In this way, the unified field becomes universally accessible to systematic exploration.   The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field includes the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program and the TM-Sidhi program (discussed separately below) as its key components. The TM program provides a systematic procedure by which the mind is allowed to settle naturally into a state of restful alertness, the selfreferral state of pure consciousness in which the mind is completely silent and yet awake.   In this way, the state of pure consciousness, which has been the subject of philosophical speculation throughout the centuries, can now be investigated on the basis of direct experience.'   -- 'Modern Science and Vedic Science: An Introduction' by Kenneth Chandler, Modern Science and Vedic Science Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, p.13.
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