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'The relationship between culture and religion is intimate and profound. Relision has its foundaton in culture, and culture is grounded in the Laws of Nature lively in the land. Thus both culture and religion have their foundation in Natural Law.   'The true basis of cultural values lies on that level where Natural Law governs life. This is where the sear of culture of every land is located. It is important to preserve cultural values, because they are the direct connection to those natural laws that are specifically operable in the land. Cultures arise from the unique climatic and geographic conditions of an area.   'The culture of a land guides individual and collective life in the appropriate behaviour for that area, ensuring maximum support of Nature. When a culture is lost, then the connection to Natural Law is lost, and therefore the knowledge of appropriate action for particular places and times is lost. The loss of Natural Law means the loss of effortless success in life.'   -- Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD; Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature: Modern Science and Ancient Vedic Science Discover the Fabrics of Immortality in the Human Physiology; Maharishi Vedic University: The Netherlands, Fourth Edition, ISBN 81-7523-017-7, 2000, p.516.
Broader Term
Natural Law
Related Term
Cultural Integrity
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