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Enlightened Leadership International
Prepare, Challenge, and Engage the Next Generation of Leaders Join a global network of young leaders from around the world all sharing a common desire-- to create a world of new enlightened leaders, governing from the deepest level of silence in their own consciousness. We know that it's through our practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique that we become more in tune with the intelligence of natural law — and this is where we begin in creating a world that's peaceful and harmonious.   Enlightened Leadership International is global and growing every day—connecting young leaders all over the world through the Global Ambassador Program (GAP). ELI is currently represented in South Africa, Uganda, Latin America, Germany, Czech Republic, Monaco, China, Hungary, Nepal, India, Turkey, Belgium, UK, Algeria, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Spain, India, Moldova, Trinidad, Iran plus— college campuses throughout the US including Stanford, and Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis.
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