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Hazards of Modern Medicine
Harmful effects, which can be serious and even lethal, are associated with every facet of modern medicine...   Injury from medical treatment in the U.S. accounts for more deaths than all other accidents combined.   Medication caused disorder costs are nearly twice that spent on diabetes treatment and near the amount for cardiovascular disease.   Fifteen per cent of hospital days are devoted to the treatment of drug side effects.   Every medication, including those that are sold over the counter without a prescription, has an associated side effect.   The problem escalates to public health proportions when large numbers receive a treatment and experience its attendant side effect.   Many drugs have side effects serious enough to cause a secondary disease warranting its own intensive therapy.   A U.S. Congress Subcommittee found that in one year unnecessary operations were responsible for more than 12,000 deaths.   Dependency on high technology is often a source of injury.   Only 15 Percent of medical therapies were found to be reliable, or scientifically based.   Pharmaceutical companies push physicians to prescribe new drugs and don't reveal scientific information that opposes the use of that drug.   Developing countries have had special problems with irrational drug marketing by multinational and indigenous pharmaceutical companies.
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