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Mathematics of the Absolute Number
'Maharishi's Absolute Number: The Mathematical Theory and Technology of Everything', by John F. Price, PhD, published in the journal of Modern Science and Vedic Science, Vol.7, No.1 (1997).   Abstract The Absolute Number, recently discovered and described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, fulfills the historical goals of mathematics by giving complete understanding of the entire range of orderliness and precision studied by mathematics. It provides a means of fathoming and perfectly quantifying the entire field of all the laws of nature governing the universe.   Even more importantly, it provides a technology whereby everyone can live in full accord with these laws so that every aspect of life, individual and national, is lived mistake-free with complete coherence and harmony throughout the world.   As well as providing an overview of Maharishi’s Absolute Number and outlining some of its special features, this article will introduce Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics which Maharishi describes as the structuring dynamics of Natural Law.
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Maharishi Vedic Mathematics
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Maharishi's Absolute Number
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