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Maharishi Purusha(SM) Capital for the Western World
Maharishi established the Purusha Capital in 2007 as a permanent home for the Maharishi Purusha Program. The first piece of land was purchased in 2008, construction began a year later, and the first group arrived in December of 2011. Maharishi spent a great deal of time planning the buildings and establishing the goals and purposes of the Capital. Every aspect of the Purusha Capital was designed by Maharishi for maximum comfort and rapid development of higher states of consciousness.   Currently we have 15 residential buildings for Purusha and staff. We also have 29 rooms for World Peace Assemblies, Taste of Purusha courses, and the Creating Coherence Course. Our central dining hall and kitchen serves delicious meals prepared by our staff.   With over 400 acres, we have room to build for many more Purusha, with the eventual goal of having 800 Purusha at the Capital. —See
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