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Maharishi Vedic Mathematics
"Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics is the absolutely precise organizing power inherent in the structure of self-referral consciousness, pure knowledge, the Veda. In elementary education, the computational aspect of Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics is Vedic sutra based computation, derived from 16 Vedic Sutras or aphorisms. Each sutra serves as the central point from which many different algorithms emerge."   -- From: Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics in Elementary Education: Developing All Knowingness to Improve Affect, Achievement, and Mental Computation, by John M. Muehlman, Modern Science and Vedic Science, Volume 8, Number 1, 1998.     Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics, Mathematics of the Absolute Number—the field of Unity, taught in Maharishi's schools and universities throughout the world and adopted by other institutions of higher learning in many countries, is a major contribution to the field of knowledge which immeasurably enriches all approaches to gaining knowledge—ancient and modern:   'All streams of knowledge studied today in modern science must be studied in terms of Vedic Science in order that the knowledge of modern science can be spontaneously utilized in all the different aspects of daily life and living.   'Modern Mathematics is the field of steps, whereas Vedic Mathematics is the field of pure intelligence that gets what it wants instantly without steps. It is the field of infinite correlation, the field of simultaneity of all steps, because it functions in the frictionless field of infinite correlation—the field of self-referral intelligence.   'Vedic Mathematics is a field completely beyond mistakes, because it is the display of absolute, fully awake intelligence, the state of enlightenment. Its cosmic status is displayed in the absolute order of the infinite creativity that spontaneously maintains diversity of the universe.'   — Maharishi, Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence (668-page publication)
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Vedic Mathematics
Vedic Science
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Mathematics of the Absolute Number
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