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Brahma Vidya
Vedic Agriculture as Brahma Vidya   Maharishi’s Vedic Science and its practical application as Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, presents the totality of life, founded on the ancient wisdom of the Veda and the Vedic Literature, and now expressed in the most recent Unified Field Theories. Because of this, Maharishi has said that Vedic Agriculture is really Brahma Vidya, or complete knowledge, the knowledge of totality, the knowledge of the wholeness of life.   The central theme of Brahma Vidya is that life is not fragmented; it is holistic. The diversity of life that we see around us is really the expression of an underlying unity. What seems to be separate is really unified. What seems to be elaborate is really an expression of underlying simplicity. Life is wholeness on the move, the waves of an underlying unified field. This is precisely expressed both in the Superstring Theory of Unified Quantum Field Theories and in Vedanta, the branch of the Vedic Literature dealing with the unity of life. —From
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