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Transcendental Meditation® Instruction
How to learn The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and provides a lifetime of benefits. For details, contact your local certified TM teacher.   Steps to learning: Free introductory talk by a certified TM teacher (45–55 minutes) What you’ll learn: Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM naturally promotes wellness What happens during TM Why anyone can practice TM Why TM works from the start Free private meeting following the intro talk (5–10 minutes) Personal interview with a certified TM teacher   TM course over 4 consecutive days: Day 1: Personal instruction (1–2 hours) Instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher Note: TM course fee is required at this step   Days 2–4: Checking sessions (60–90 minutes per day) Verifying correctness of the practice and further instruction   Free lifetime follow-up and support Your TM course includes a suite of programs to enrich your understanding and experience and ensure that you are gaining maximum from your practice. These are available to all TM course participants at no cost at any TM Center in the US:   Over the first few months, conveniently scheduled appointments will be set up with your TM teacher to verify that your meditation practice is optimal and to answer any questions that may arise. Personal one-on-one “tune-ups” of your TM practice, TM refresher courses, and access to a certified TM instructor to answer questions, or discuss your practice.   Exclusive access to resources that provide deeper knowledge to enhance the experience gained from your TM practice. These include advanced lectures, special events and speakers, group meditations and celebrations, as well as subscriptions to an online TM magazine.   A list of countries which have established a website for promoting Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation in their country is at, but Transcendental Meditation is actually taught in over one hundred countries in the world.
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