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Super Radiance Effect
How meditation radiates an influence to a whole community:   Super Radiance is the extraordinary, positive effect radiated to the rest of society by a group of specially trained TM meditators. This unique effect only takes place when a sufficient number of these meditators form a group to practise meditation together at the same time and on a daily basis.   The particular meditation required to create this powerful social effect is an advanced form of Transcendental Meditation known as the TM-Sidhi programme.   When performed in a group, this TM-Sidhi meditation not only generates highly coherent brainwaves for each TM-Sidha, but also radiates this powerful brainwave effect to the surrounding non-meditating population as well.   The square root of 1% impact   However, to create the desired effect for any given population we have to have sufficient numbers in the group.   Super Radiance occurs at the precise moment the numbers in a group of TM-Sidhas reach a size equivalent to the square root of 1% of a given population. At that crucial point there is an immediate and dramatic reduction of hostility and violence within the host community as well as a surge in creative activity and positivity.   -- See
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