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Superradiance for Love and Harmony Foundation
Welcome to the Superradiance for Love and Harmony Foundation! (formerly known as the Yogic Flyers for Heaven on Earth Foundation)   The purpose of the foundation is to raise awareness about the necessity and tremendous value of creating and maintaining a large group of “Sidhas” who practice the TM-Sidhi Program together every day in Fairfield, Iowa. The TM-Sidhi Program was designed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi back in the 1970’s as a special advanced program that could be practiced in groups for maximum beneficial effects, both for the individuals practicing and for society as a whole, when the groups practicing are large enough to positively affect the surrounding area.   The foundation was founded in 2009 to help facilitate what is by far the most valuable and important goal of all of the TM Organizations, which is to establish and maintain a permanent group of 2,500 sidhas in Fairfield, Iowa to practice the TM-Sidhi program every day together and generate “superradiance” which has a positive effect on the collective consciousness of North America, neutralizing negativity and creating a more pleasant and positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.   We want to reach out to anyone who has learned the TM-Sidhi program as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and inspire them to come and join the large group of Sidhas in Fairfield, Iowa where we practice the TM-Sidhi program every day in large domes built for that purpose. The Foundation is committed to making this goal of creating a group of at least 2,500 Sidhas in Fairfield, Iowa happen as soon as possible, to bless our dear country with ever greater positivity and coherence on a permanent basis.
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