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"Maharishi holds that through its own self-interacting dynamics pure consciousness expresses itself as the diversified forms and phenomena in creation. In assuming the role of material universe, it moves within itself, creating a dynamic structure within its eternal silence. This structure is 'shruti', which Maharishi describes as “vibrancy of intelligence in the form of sound generated by the self-referral dynamics of consciousness—those specific sounds that construct pure consciousness” (p. 352).   "Maharishi describes shruti as an unmanifest frequency vibration, a hum, which expresses the dynamics of transformation of self-referral consciousness into its diversified structures."   -- William F. Sands, "Reading Sanskrit For Accelerating the Growth of Human Potential In the Vedic Science of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi." Presented at the 10th International Sanskrit Conference Bangalore, India, January 1997
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