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Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government
Book: Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government Automation in Administration   by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi   Maharishi locates the Supreme Government at the unmanifest basis of creation, the home of Natural Law. The centuries old struggling history of governments is destined to have a new sunshine of problem-free administration when National governments align themselves with the Government of Nature. Topics include Absolute Administration, A Vision of Supreme Rulership, and a comprehensive examination of the Constitution of the Universe.   Pocket size, 565-page book, with numerous pictures and illustrations, printed on fine quality paper, gilded, softcover edition   ‘Now that the technology to enliven absolute administration on the individual and collective levels of consciousness is completely available, it is possible to establish the perfect, ideal system of administration on every level—family, community, city, state, nation, and the whole world—and create administration on a par with the perfect administration of the universe.’—Maharishi
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Manual for a Perfect Government
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Automation in Administration
World Government of the Age of Enlightenment
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