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“The practice (of Transcendental Meditation) involves thinking of a word, a word devoid of meaning (called a Mantra).   "Meaning is a static thing. The sound changes in its pitch—it can be loud sound, or low sound. The meaning is the same at every pitch. If the mind is on the meaning, there is no chance of refining the meaning. If the mind is not on the meaning, there is a chance of refining the sound, there is a chance of experiencing the sound in its finer values till the finest could be transcended and the awareness could reach that inner wakefulness devoid of any perception. This will be Transcendental Consciousness…."   —Maharishi, "What is the value of the mantra in the practice of Transcendental Meditation?", TM® Blog, 3-22-2011. See ------------- NOTE: "mantra" and "mantras" have different meanings in Maharishi Vedic Science:   "Mantra" Pure Knowledge   Maharishi describes the pure knowledge or Mantra aspect of the Ved in the following way:   The Mantras are the language of nature in which cosmic intelligence reverberates as the laws of nature. All the Mantras together form the structure of pure knowledge, a lively field of the total potential of the organizing power of nature. The Mantras, being the fabrics of the unmanifest, immortal field of pure knowledge, are eternal and indestructible. The indestructibility of the Mantras extends even to the sequence in which they are available to us in the Samhita.   This structure of pure knowledge has such perfect order that each successive verse is a commentary on the previous one. This natural and self-unfolding organization of the Mantras places the total potential of the Ved in its most compact form in its very first expression.   This seed expression of the Ved, unmanifest and eternal, blesses every grain of creation with the total potential of pure knowledge residing at its unmanifest basis, from where cosmic intelligence as the nature of pure knowledge displays its infinite organizing power — this is brought to light in the Brahmana aspect of the Ved.   —Maharishi, "Vedic Science, Fulfillment of Modern Science," 1980.
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