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(1) Book: Enlightenment to Every Individual Invincibility to Every Nation by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi   Pocket size, 678-page full colour book, with beautiful pictures and illustrations, printed on high quality coated paper, gilded, softcover edition   ‘In offering Invincibility to Every Nation, we are offering the world a chance to rise to that brilliant majesty and dignity of life which is the birthright of every individual and of every nation. In the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme we have the practical knowledge needed to ring the Bell of Invincibility and forever free mankind from bondage. The nature of life is unbounded and invincible bliss consciousness. There is no need for any individual to suffer or for any nation to face problems.’—Maharishi   (2)
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Invincible America Assembly
Maharishi Towers of Invincibility
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Invincibility Trusts
Invincible Defense
Total Knowledge
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