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Heaven on Earth
The practicality of creating the supreme quality of life on Earth—Heaven on Earth—through Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology has been amply verified during the past fifty-one years by scientific research, which documents the benefits in every aspect of life—physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology. It has also been substantially verified by personal experience, and by the authenticity of the ancient, traditional Vedic Literature.   The global achievements of these fifty-one years, on the ground of tested knowledge, prompted Maharishi to launch a global programme to create Heaven on Earth—life according to Natural Law.   Maharishi’s Programme to Reconstruct the World, inner and outer, was first outlined in 1988, in Maharishi’s Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth.   Maharishi’s knowledge, Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology, Maharishi’s eternal Constitution of the Universe, being present everywhere, and Maharishi’s simple approach for everyone to enjoy life according to Natural Law are the foundation of Maharishi’s global action to create Heaven on Earth and perpetuate it for all generations to come.
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