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Behavioral Rasayanas
Behavioral (Achara) Rasayanas are behaviors that enhance health, happiness and longevity. Achara Rasayanas do more than just tell us how to behave. They provide practical methods—such as eating saatvic foods and practicing meditation—to effortlessly improve our ability to choose positive behaviors and avoid making mistakes that cause ill-health and unhappiness.   Top Seven Ayurvedic Behavioral Rasayanas 1. Speak the sweet truth. 2. Stay free of anger. 3. Be respectful to teachers and elders. 4. Gain Vedic knowledge. 5. Practice meditation and stay balanced in sleep and wakefulness. 6. Eat saatvic foods such as milk, ghee, yogurt, lassi, dates, mango, walnuts and almonds. 7. Keep the company of the wise. --See more at:
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Maharishi Rasayanas
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Mamsa (Muscle)
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