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'What is the total analysis of unity? Ashtami—the Eight. The eight Prakritis are divided nature of Prakriti. Prakriti means the nature, the reality. Eight Prakritis divided, and they are the qualities which multiply themselves to become innumerable diversity of the universe—innumerable diversity of the universe. They are all the expressions of the eight values, eight Prakritis.   'Eight is the divided nature of the ninth Prakriti. Ninth Prakriti is the unified Prakriti. "Prakriti" means the nature. Nine is a unity of eight. Nine is a unity of eight—still in the field of action, the field of action.   'What is the tenth? The Vedic expression is ''Thou art the Tenth''. What is ''Thou''? Purusha. Silent reality of Purusha. What is Purusha? Purusha is self-witnessing quality. Self-witnessing quality is the Purusha. And Self-witnessing being a verb, the Purusha is the subject of the verb. Experiencer, experiencing, and experienced—all the three are in unified state, and that unified state has been seen in terms of two qualities, the subject and the object. The subject—the seer—process of seeing, and the object of sight. Seer, seeing, and sight. Knower, knowing, and known. Knower, knowing, and known.   'Knower, knowing, and known is the value, the characteristic quality of the Self of everyone, and when it is awake in its value, when it is knower, knowing, and known. It is Purusha and Prakriti and the result of action, result of Prakriti.'   -- Maharishi, 4 September 2007
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