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Transcendental Meditation® Teacher Training Course (TTC)
Becoming a Certified Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program qualifies you to guide others in the experience of finer states of thought and the source of thought, the transcendental field of pure consciousness. With a whisper, you can transform the life of an individual, opening up to them the untapped inner potential of their own consciousness, which can enrich every aspect of their life.   The course of study to become a TM teacher includes five months of focused learning at an in-residence facility, away from the cares of daily life, where you learn every aspect of teaching someone to contact the source of thought deep within the mind.   TTC participants enjoy twice-daily group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, beautiful videotaped lectures of Maharishi, study and practice, organic lacto-vegetarian meals, and accommodations that include private room and bath. Every effort is made to provide financial support for the course tuition, and every opportunity is taken to provide you with a ready-made place to teach the TM technique once you graduate from the course.   -- For more information see
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