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Maharishi Vedic Approach to Industry
'The contribution of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Industry is unlimited, because it enlivens the infinite creativity and organizing power of Natural Law, which forms the basis of all prosperity and progress.   'For industry to be successful and fulfilling it has to be scientific—it has to be systematic in every way, so that it is always evolutionary; and if it has to be scientific, it has to be Vedic—based on total knowledge of Natural Law.   'Realization of the Vedic quality in any industry will be through Vedic Consciousness gained through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, and Vedic Administration. This is applicable to all those involved in industry—the owner, the management, the labour, the raw material, the sales process, the market fluctuations, the banking systems, the profits, and the fulfilment—the goal of industry enjoyed by all concerned, on every level of industry.   'Maharishi's programme for industry maintains the connectedness of individual life with Cosmic Life—Anoraniyan with Mahato-Mahiyan—and through this, upholding the "specific" identity of everything in one unified WHOLENESS—the UNI-VERSE—which is diversified on the surface and unified at the common basis of everything—the self-referral field of intelligence.   'This connectedness of individual life with the Cosmic Reality is a very special feature of Vedic Industry, where everyone enjoys Vedic Consciousness, which naturally maintains the connectedness between individual life and Cosmic Life, fulfilling the purpose of evolution and enabling everyone to live the total creative intelligence of Natural Law.   'In this way, Vedic Industry will not only offer to society the material produce of industry, but at the same time will fulfil the spiritual purpose of evolution through any action—including activity in the fields of industry, commerce, trade, etc.—by spontaneously maintaining the daily life of everyone on the level of enlightenment. Such a balanced and purposeful character in every industry is vital.   -- See
Broader Term
Vedic Industry
Narrower Term
Maharishi Master Management(SM)
Vedic Principle of Action
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