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Maharishi Ayurveda Personal Wellness Consultations
Creating Perfect Balance in Mind and Body 'Maharishi AyurVeda® is a modern revival of the world’s oldest and most comprehensive natural health system. It restores balance by enlivening the intelligence of the body at the most fundamental level of the physiology. Research has confirmed its effectiveness in increasing mental and physical energy, improving physical and emotional well-being, and promoting optimum health.   'Maharishi AyurVeda Personal Wellness Consultations give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding about your own mind and body and to learn how to improve your health. Wellness Consultations are conducted by experienced Maharishi AyurVeda experts trained in this time-tested, comprehensive system of holistic health care. During the consultation, you will receive an individualized, easy-to-follow Maharishi AyurVeda self-care program based on your body type, designed to enhance your well-being and promote optimum health. This personalized program will include recommendations for exercise, diet, daily and seasonal lifestyle, stress-reduction, and herbal supplements.   "Maharishi AyurVeda Personal Wellness Consultations are available in a growing number of cities. Contact your local TM Center for availability in your area or visit the Maharishi Integrative AyurVeda Institute."
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