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Unified Field Charts
The unified field chart is the most comprehensive of the classroom charts that connect the parts of knowledge with the wholeness of the Self [in a Consciousness-Based Education classroom]. This wall chart is divided vertically into two main sections. The left side represents the objective approach to knowledge through the modern sciences and other disciplines; the right side represents the subjective approach to knowledge through Vedic Science.   The left side of the chart diagrams the whole discipline being studied, from its most abstract foundational areas (at the bottom) to its most applied areas that serve society (at the top), and depicts how the whole discipline emerges from a unified basis of natural law. Each level gives rise to the next more expressed and diversified level according to an ordering principle. For example, the unified field chart for physiology is organized hierarchically: DNA gives rise to RNA, proteins, cells, tissues, and organs.   The chart for physics is organized according to time and distance scales: the force and matter fields at the Planck scale of 10 to the -33 cm give rise to elementary particles and physical structures at microscopic and macroscopic scales. All the important principles or areas of the discipline can thus be located in the context of the whole structure of the discipline.   On the right side of the chart is a cone-shaped diagram representing the experience of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, during which the mind settles down from its more excited levels to the least excited state of awareness, transcendental consciousness.   This subjective approach to knowledge gives the direct experience of the unified field. Both sides of the chart are visually unified by the band across the bottom of the whole chart, illustrating that the unified field of natural law is the common source of both approaches to knowledge.   The teacher uses the unified field chart at the beginning of each course, and briefly during each class to locate the lesson of the day with reference to the whole discipline and the source of the discipline, the unified field, which the students experience twice daily in their practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field. (See sample unified field charts in links given.)
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Consciousness-Based(SM) Education
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Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field
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Transcendental MeditationŽ and TM-SidhiŽ Program
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