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Maharishi explains that Veda is expressed in the orderly sequence of Shabda (sounds) and Sandhi (gaps). Komalangam—the supremely delicate quality of Veda—was celebrated by the Pandits on two distinct levels: one level, Shabda Brahm, represented by the continuous sound of the conch used in the ancient Vedic ceremony; and the other level, Sandhi Brahm, expressed by the intermittent sound of the bell.   Maharishi went on to say, 'The Constitution of the Universe, the entire Brahm, in its total personality, is a blending of infinite flow and intermittence in order that the flow could be felt. Otherwise, if it is always a flow—like a conch—there is nothing other than sound, Shabda Brahm. But it must be made intermittent, so that one sees the birth of it, the growth of it, the birth of it, the growth of it. And that becomes the ruler of the world—the delicacy of birth and growth, the most delicate level of existence, which is the level of Brahm.'   --Maharishi's historic address on 29 March 2007 by Global Good News staff writer, Global Good News 29 March 2010.
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