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Shabda Brahm
Shabda Brahm and Akshara   'This is all the Brahma Sutras; and then we find two words again defining the same thing, and the two words are Shabda Brahm. Shabda means ''a combination of letters.'' Shabda, a combination of letters, is also Brahm, and a combination of Aksharas, syllables—the word is made of syllables, the word is make of syllables.   'So whether it is in the combined state—a word—or in separate values of the syllables, in the syllables come either the number system or the language, both. So the interpretation of that; this is scanning the fabrics of knowledge, scanning the fabrics of knowing, and scanning the fabrics of known. This is knowledge of Brahm. And it is intellectually available through analyzing the words.   'We find wise people throughout the ages have commented upon the first syllable 'A'. Commentary on the first syllable 'A' is the total commentary of Brahm. When from unity, infinite diversity of the points come out, both things run parallel—the number system of calculation, and the syllable system, the words, the language.'   --From: Celebrating the birth of Brahm: Maharishi speaks on Brahma vidya, 5 July 2007 - Part II, by Global Good News staff writer, Global Good News, 21 July 2007
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