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Maharishi gives particular significance to the first word that the Pandits said in describing Raam—Komalangam—meaning 'delicate body, delicate physiology'. Maharishi identified the supreme level of Komalangam in that most delicate physiology of the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda.   Maharishi explains that Veda is expressed in the orderly sequence of Shabda (sounds) and Sandhi (gaps). Komalangam—the supremely delicate quality of Veda—was celebrated by the Pandits on two distinct levels: one level, Shabda Brahm, represented by the continuous sound of the conch used in the ancient Vedic ceremony; and the other level, Sandhi Brahm, expressed by the intermittent sound of the bell. --Maharishi's historic address on 29 March 2007
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