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World Peace
'The Vedic Science and Technology of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi includes the theoretical understanding and applied methodologies to create peaceful individuals—the basis of collective peace in society and in the world. Through the technologies of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, an individual is able to experience transcendental consciousness, which physicist John Hagelin has convincingly argued is the experience of the unified field of natural law described by quantum physics.   'Maharishi explains that the loss of the intimacy with this unified field of natural law is the cause of all suffering in life. When individuals have no contact with the unified source of all the laws of nature in their own consciousness, they violate the laws of nature, which causes stress and strain in the individual. Accumulated stress in the environment created by millions of stressed individuals eventually erupts into war or other disasters.   'The principle that individuals can contact the unified field of natural law and create peace for themselves and others by experiencing transcendental consciousness has been verified by scientific research and has come to be known as the Maharishi Effect. What is necessary, and urgent, is the gathering—in India, Moscow, Holland and the United States—of groups of 7,000 world peace professionals practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program together to create the Maharishi Effect.   'This will spread indomitable waves of peace and harmony in the environment and secure permanent peace in the family of nations.'   -- From: Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology: The Only Means to Create World Peace by Dr. Bevan Morris, Maharishi International University. In Modern Science and Vedic Science, Volume 5, Numbers 1–2, 1992, Special Issue, Proceedings of Approaches to Creating a Stable World Peace, April 5–7, 1991.
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Maharishi's Festival of Music for World Peace
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Rudra Abhishek--Vedic Recitation for World Peace
World Peace Group
World Peace News
World Peace Project
World Peace Research
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1% Effect
Peace Governments
Super Radiance Effect
Scientific Research  
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