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Institute of Vedic City Planning
The Institute of Vedic City Planning’s unique specialty is the foundation of sustainability – planning and building in harmony with natural law. The very noticeable beneficial results of this approach have been experienced by many people on all continents. The Institute’s advisory board is also a great resource in experienced professionals who have implemented Maharishi Vedic architectural and planning principles together with various degrees of sustainable technologies, creating green, “Fortune-Creating” homes and offices, beautiful, sustainable developments, and Garden Cities.   The Institute of Vedic City Planning of Maharishi University of Management offers consultation to city planners, urban designers, government departments of city and country planning, developers and others on how to implement the ancient, natural law based principles of Maharishi Vedic architecture and city planning for good health, success and protection of cities and developments.   Our goal is to create garden cities in harmony with natural law, going beyond green, connecting individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence, creating living conditions that are ideal for the inhabitants and the planet.
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City Planning
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Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi Vedic® Architecture
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Fortune-Creating® Architecture
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