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God Realization
‘Religion: “re”—back, “ligare”—to bind. The path or the principle of the programme that binds one back to one’s source in God. The path to God Realization—that is a religion. Sciences: you do something, he also does the same thing, both receive the same results—so it is a scientific performance. You do the same thing, you get the same results—that is science. And you follow the path of religion, you reach the realm of God—fulfilment in every way, fulfilment.   ‘Fulfilment is only in God Realization, in realization of the cosmic potential of Natural Law. Whether we take any religious texts, it is the same thing. Safety for life in the path of religion. Also safety for life in the path of science. So this is the time where religion—sensible proper religion’s texts—meet with the science: you do the same thing, you get the same results. Veda is the source of all these different values of science and technology. Veda is the science of creation from point to infinity. The whole field of evolution is the field of knowledge, and the field of action inherent in knowledge. That is why Vedic Procedure, procedure for total promotion of Supreme Intelligence—total promotion of Supreme Intelligence.’ —Maharishi 24 July 2002, MERU, Holland Global Press Conference
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