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The Jyotish and Yagya Programmes: To Gain Support of the Infinite Organizing Power of Natural Law   'The Jyotish and Yagya Programmes are for the development of enlightenment—life free from dependence on surroundings and circumstances, and mastery over one's own destiny. It is possible to live life free from suffering and problems through the preventive influence of Yagya performances. Yagya is a means to accomplish perfection in life.' —Maharishi   The Jyotish Programme   'Jyotish is a precious discipline of Vedic Science. It is the science and technology of consciousness and commands authority over the whole range of the ever-expanding universe. It's contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and nation.' —Maharishi   The Yagya Programme   'Through the Yagyas, everything is possible. Underline the word: everything is possible. . . . Yagyas are all powerful; Yagyas are all powerful; Yagyas are all powerful.' —Maharishi
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Jyotish-Mati Pragya
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