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Unified Field-Based Health Care
Transcendental Meditation for the health of the environment   Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev, with great interest, I have been hearing your words, Dr Hagelin. In answer to this, from my side, I want to present one argument. If the world knows the influence of the environment on the health of everyone—this is the main point—if the world recognizes that health is influenced by the type of environment, then Transcendental Meditation is a direct means of reducing the ill health of the whole environment. A stressed man is always stressful to his environment. A peaceful man, a blissful man, always has bliss to offer in his environment.   ‘People who have been practising Transcendental Meditation have experienced that the environment becomes more positive, more happy, more integrated. And this is one argument—very simple, without any need of proving it.   ‘On the basis of the environmental security, we would say, we are offering to the world invincibility through Transcendental Meditation. A few people together—100, 200, 500 people, depending on the population of the country—is all that is needed to make the national consciousness integrated. And integrated national consciousness means all positivity, no negativity, lack of ill health, lack of all negativity, and presence of all positivity through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.   ‘[This is] one argument. Dr Hagelin, comment on it—what your Unified Field says about it. Transcendental Meditation changes the environmental value and makes it more coherent, more integrated, more blissful—without much argument. If the environment has something to do with the health of the person, then Transcendental Meditation is a way to achieve good health, better health.’   -- Maharishi, A Unified Field-Based Approach to Health Care, 10 July 2007. See
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