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The nature of Brahm   'What is the nature of Brahm? A combination of two values: one is completely opposed to the other. One is unity, one is point of unity: and the relationship of point and wholeness, the relationship of infinity and point is Total Knowledge. This is the value of Smriti. Smriti, memoryŚmemory of infinity along with the memory of the finite point value, infinity and point value. Smriti, this is the field of memory.'   The subject, the object, and their relationship: the values of one holistic value called Brahm   'There are three values: the subject, the object, and subject-object relationship. These are all the values of one holistic value called Brahm, and the grand expression from the Vedic field that we have [is] Ayam Atma Brahm. This Atma is Brahm. What is this Atma? 'A' and 'Ma'. 'A' infinity, 'Ma' its point, so 'A', infinity remembers the point, [and] point remembers 'A,' infinity, so this Smriti is the reality. Smriti is the reality.' --From: Celebrating the birth of Brahm: Maharishi speaks on Brahma vidya, 5 July 2007 - Part II, Global Good News, 21 July 2007   Brahm is Totality.
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